About Lisa Sabin-Wilson

I am a designer who specializes in blog design and blog consulting by helping new users get up and running on the web, publishing their content with relative ease.

  • I am experienced in custom designs for WordPress, Movable Type, TypePad, Expression Engine - check out some of my custom TypePad work on the right!
  • I love when my clients say - "I had NO idea that you could do that on a TypePad website!" - that makes me smile.
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Aliblog, Alibaba Custom TypePad blog design
Custom TypePad Design for Gloria Brame
Custom TypePad Design for Nostalgia Organics
Being Belisi - Belisi blog custom TypePad design
Custom designed TypePad blog with Advanced Templates on Lisa Sabin-Wilson's TypePad Blog

Custom TypePad Blog Design: Writings from the FOXhole

Foxhole At E.Webscapes, we recently launched a custom TypePad blog design for Tarsha, who runs a blog called Writings from the FOXhole.  She approached us for some design work to her TypePad templates and had a very specific look she was going for.  The name of her sitecomes from her last name (FOX) and how she has viewed and lived her life (from a foxhole…a battle position).


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Featured on TypePad Services

Ewebscapes Thanks to Andy Wibbels, and the folks at TypePad, for featuring my blog design services at E.Webscapes on the official TypePad Services - Independent Experts page.  It's an honor to be there, along with other vastly talented consultants and designers!
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TypePad For Dummies

Dummies-guy Wiley Publishing is putting out yet another fantastic book on blogging technology from the '...For Dummies' series of books - I'm convinced that while other publishing companies try hard, Wiley really has cornered the market on getting quality, relevant books on various blogging technologies and methods.  Everything from how to work with individual platforms to marketing and social media - - they get it.

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10 Fabulous TypePad Design Finds

Designthumb Thought I'd do a little digging around the web to see if I couldn't find some examples of TypePad blogs sporting some great custom design work.  There are so many default TypePad templates that are very easy for you to use on your blog.  Right out of the box, they are functional and look nice.  However, sometimes a blogger will put in that extra effort with Custom CSS or Advanced templates to really create a template for their TypePad blog that is outside the standard norm.  I surfed around and found these - if you have a one, or more, to share that you know of - please do!

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Putting Twitter on your TypePad blog

Twitter-logo Did you know that Twitter has a widget for you and that it is incredibly easy to add it to your TypePad blog?  It's true - it ain't no rumor!  If you're a Twitter user (let's face it - who isn't a Twitter user?) - you are already expanding your online presence outside the walls of your blog.  Why not bring that conversation into your blog and increase your visibility and exposure to new readers and visitors?  It's also a great way to include a "Microblog" on your blog on those days you're having that 'not so fresh feeling' and just want to blog in blurbs.  Anyway, I digress ... 

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A Review of TypePad's beta features

Betapreview I've been a TypePad user since 2004.  That fact surprises some people, because I am somewhat known as a WordPress girl.  True, I do a lot of work in the WordPress community helping users customize their blog through design and custom development.  A little fact that gets lost, however, is that I have also been helping users in the TypePad and Movable Type community with the same thing, for a lot longer!  Since 2002, I've been working with TypePad and Movable Type blog design - and I actually have SixApart to thank for really helping me get my start in the blog designing world.

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SixApart's Anil Dash Annnounces WordPress Plugins At WordCamp MidAtlantic

Anil-Dash TechCrunch has a piece on it: Not A Typo: Six Apart Opens Up Suite Of Products For Rival WordPress about Anil Dash's announcement at Saturday's WordCamp Mid-Atlantic that Sixapart has developed a plugin for WordPress users, as well as a 'whole bunch of powerful services available to WordPress users".( see SixAparts dedicated WordPress page.).  Anil Dash, co-founder of SixApart, delivered a very captivating keynote at WordCamp Mid-Atlantic concerning social media, why we blog, and connecting across the social web.

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Me, on TypePad!

AliblogI've been blogging on the 'net for close to 10 years now - gosh, how old does that make me?  I've explored several different blogging platforms from Movable Type, to WordPress... Expression Engine to TypePad.  I run a very busy design studio at E.Webscapes where I provide custom design and consulting services to client across all major blog platforms - I figured it was time to open a TypePad blog of my own and follow along with the excitement and new things that TypePad is doing. 

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